“Wonderful”, that is the word used most to describe Margo. She is a lovely, 64 pound standard poodle. Margo is estimated to be about 8 years old.

Margo’s history was rough. She was rescued from a horrid breeding situation where there were over 60 dogs on the premises. Thankfully she has left that sad existence behind, thriving with her rescuer who is ready now to find Margo the best forever home ever! Margo is going to make a wonderful companion or family dog. Because of her past she can be timid but once she learns she can trust you, she is a loving girl who would appreciate a quiet home without young kids. She is good with children but can be startled by the unpredictable sounds and movements.

We are told that Margo is VERY nervous around men.  Margo ​has earned a predictable, routine lifestyle where she can feel part of a family and not “a yard ornament”!

Currently Margo lives with other dogs. While she’s raised many litters in her time, the belief is, Margo would be happiest with mature dogs like herself. Margo has done fine around cats and we are told she has no prey drive though she did get ahold of the family’s rooster. She did not hurt it but she did take a lot of his feathers out. Margo ignores the other farm animals on her rescuer’s property.

When her people leave the house, Margo is put either in the laundry room or the office where she can lay on the couch if she chooses. It is a secure area which is what she needs as once she actually jumped on the front door of her current home when the humans left and was missing for 24 hours! Since that happened, she’s not tried to escape again but one must be extra careful. Margo is a smart girl who needs to be kept safe. A home with a secure, high fence would be best. Margo is not a dog who should be allowed off leash.

While her favorite thing to do is follow her rescuer around the house, she will take short walks on leash. She is said to be good while on leash. Considering her past, one can understand why she could be unsure about being taken outside in a place she is unfamiliar with. Her rescuer states she is learning to enjoy walks as time goes on but with rehoming, she will need continued reassurance and patience. This goes for all areas of life for Margo. This is why it is so important for her to find a committed home she will never lose.

Because she had never been spayed, Margo did have mammary tumors. Her rescuer has had those removed but it will be necessary for her adopter to monitor for new tumors. Lifelong veterinary care, good quality dog food and regular grooming are musts for Margo. An adopter should be able and willing to provide this for Margo. The reward will be to watch her confidence and happiness grow!

Margo is not much of a barker at all! Her rescuer reports the only time she has barked was out of joy at her meal preparation. This is not much at all and she will stop when you ask her to.  What a good girl!

The resilience of dogs is truly incredible.  Margo is ready to start the first day of her wonderful, new life!

Margo is located in Orting, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.