Missy is a lovely chihuahua who has been through many changes and through them all she has been such a good girl! She is 11 years old and weighs approximately 5 pounds.When her owner passed, a family member flew her to Washington state-such a lucky girl to have extended family to make sure she was safe! Since then she has adapted well, even after losing her eye and having a much needed dental. Missy is ready for her new family now, thanks to her former owner’s extended family who took her in.

We are told that Missy currently lives with a large dog and does well but does not always appreciate new dogs who are overly playful. It sounds like she could cohabitate with another dog her size, her age and energy level. It is unknown how Missy would react in a home with a cat. Her focus seems to be on humans ; she is curious about other animals but does not instigate friendships with them. She has done well with kids who are kind to her and treat her gently. The more humans who want to snuggle with her, the better!

Missy would love a home where someone works from home or where the humans are around more often. When her people have to leave the house she will stay in her crate. She can manage to hold it when she needs to for quite a few hours but would be happier in a home where she did not (who wants to hold it for long hours?!). Reportedly Missy is not a serial barker; she barks when she’s first put in her crate and will bark a cute, happy bark in excitement during meal prep time.

A true chihuahua, she loves to burrow in blankets and stay warm. If you allow her to sleep in your bed, she will be very happy as this is something she is used to doing. When there’s sun out, she will find a sunny spot to bask in. Time in a fenced yard to prance in the grass, explore or watch the birds is something she enjoys. Missy enjoys walks and is said to do “very well” on leash. Doesn’t Missy sound like a great dog?

In her former home Missy had a lot of lap time. Certainly she’d love to have that again but we bet a balance of lap time and activity would be in her best interest. Her current people know she’d be happy with someone who doesn’t work long hours away from home. Missy is a young senior who has so much love to share!

Missy is located in Tukwila, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org 

This is a courtesy post. Missy is not an Old Dog Haven dog. Old Dog Haven has not assessed this dog for medical issues and will not be responsible for medical care after adoption. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.