FOUND – PERMANENT ODH HOME:   Spayed female, mixed breed (your guess as to what), 20#, 13 years old.     She has lost her home due to a fire is a very shy girl who can panic easily and needs her medical issues addressed.    She has a significant heart murmur, needs a dental if her heart will allow, has thickened ear canals and some skin infection.  Possibly Cushings?   but no labwork has been done recently.  She was used to having a dogdoor and access to property; now in an apartment with strange people she occasionally has accidents because her signals to go out aren’t noticed.    She previously lived just fine with another dog (we don’t know about cats).  She hides away from kids and can panic about feeling trapped on leash.  This has been a tough transition in lifestyle for her!  We would really like to find her a home with patience to help through the adjustment, work on health “deferred maintenance”, and make her feel confident in the world again.

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