Omar was one tough little nut to crack! When he first came to his final refuge home, he was not interested in humans at all, period. No bad behavior, just not accepting of affection. Thankfully, Omar and his Akita friend had been plucked off the streets by Animal Control and the shelter contacted ODH about “the little Sheltie-mix stray.” After passing the 4-month mark in his new home and he accepted, even seems to enjoy, affection (before he would just get up and walk away!). He was stingy with the kisses but he would give them when he deemed it appropriate. Now when his foster mom hugs, cuddles and kisses him, he leans in and stays a while (he no longer cringes when a hand comes toward him). Still not convinced of the value of a bed, Omar sleeps on the carpet and it has been entertaining to watch as he progressively moved closer and closer to the “den” at night where the rest of the family (human and canine) is sleeping. He now sleeps in the open doorway of the bedroom rather than down the hall. Maybe in another 4 months, he’ll actually sleep in the bedroom on a dog bed! We have really enjoyed watching Omar blossom and show his personality, we are honored to have his trust. He lives with his humans, a senior male Rottweiler and a young house bunny who runs the show. After more than a year in his ODH home, Omar’s personality had really developed and his affectionate nature had come out – quite an achievement for his foster parents. Sadly, the tumor that we knew was inside him suddenly ruptured and he was sent on his way as quickly as possible. He’d had a happy time right to the end, just as we would all wish, and he will be remembered with a smile. Omar passed away March 20, 2014.