PEANUTS was definitely not the cutest or the prettiest of dogs – her look was eclectic, and she looked like she was made from a collection of spare parts.

Early on, PEANUTS developed an abnormal discharge from her vulva. Therefore her spay surgery was done immediately to avoid her developing life-threatening pyometra.  Once she recovered from that, she was able to have her dental work – removing most of her teeth.  Her bladder infection recurred twice, but was eventually vanquished. Once past these hurtles, she just sailed on wings of happiness.

When sleeping, she always dreamed.  She would make wild bucking bronco movements as she ran through the night.  She barked when she was happy.  She did a whoop-whoop when it was time to go for a walk, or whenever I returned home, or whenever she came back inside from the yard.

Sadly during one week’s time, her other packmates went over the Rainbow Bridge, and PEANUTS became the only dog in the house.  Her personality completely changed and she became much calmer.   I had to have a surgery, and post-op she had a daily dog walker for 8 weeks.  PEANUTS absolutely adored Hannah, and continued to look for her at the gate every time she was out in the front yard – any car might be Hannah coming back.

Update:  PEANUTS’ mobility gradually deteriorated, so our walks became slower and shorter.  I always thought that eventually this would be her undoing.  But instead, she started to show signs of what was most likely GI cancer. The day she started vomiting undigested food, some with blood, was the day for her to fly over the Rainbow Bridge to reunite with all her past friends.

PEANUTS was with Old Dog Haven for just over 6 months.  Because of all her Sponsors, she was able to live her final chapter in comfort with cushy beds, yummy food, and lots of whoop-whooping for those who loved her dearly.