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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

PEANUTS is estimated to be about 12 years old.  Her lifetime owner died, and the family dropped her off at a Shelter “anonymously,” without even providing the name she has always known.  She is a Chocolate Lab mix – a big girl, built like a tank, weighing in at 86 lbs, and who barks when she’s happy.

To start with, PEANUTS was a bully at times to the other Final Refuge Dogs in her home – she starts looking like she wants to “play,” but then she relentlessly pushes and pushes and just won’t stop pestering them.  She has old scars on her face probably from these types of confrontations with other dogs in her past.  CLEO immediately runs away and hides, BUTTON growls and runs away, BUSTER holds his ground and full-on snaps back at her.  After two days of this behavior with BUSTER, I began to wonder if PEANUTS would ever learn to leave him alone.  But then we were all out in the yard while I watered plants. PEANUTS once again started heading over to provoke a confrontation with BUSTER, only this time I directed my garden hose at her.  I guess she got the message because even though she hasn’t given up, her bullying tactics promptly diminished.

PEANUTS is also a bulldozer when it comes to obstructions.  She just plows through baby gates or fencing or anything meant to keep her in or out.  She apparently had no leash training – she didn’t know how to go out-and-about for a walk – she just kept knocking into me or getting behind me and stepping on my heals as I tried to walk her down the street.  I finally put her on a Flexi-lead and took her out with BUSTER so she could follow along behind him, and she caught on to the process quite quickly.  Now she walks off to the side following her own nose.

PEANUTS has severe dental disease with a mouth full of infected, missing, loose, and worn teeth, which makes it difficult for her to eat.  She puts food in her mouth, but it falls back out from the pain of having so many loose teeth.  Canned food just gets mashed into her teeth and gums and gets stuck there, and because of the conformation of her mouth, she has trouble removing it.   She will have her teeth cleaned and loose teeth removed, which will greatly improve her ability to eat comfortably.  After that, she will have spay surgery – female dogs not spayed when young are at high risk for developing mammary gland tumors and pyometra (life-threatening uterine infection), and we want to avoid these if we can.

Her other medical issues include a right front “flat” foot, which looks funny but seems not to bother her.  Her toenails are like claws, and will take several rounds of trimming to get them where they need to be – walking daily will help.  She is weak in the rear end and so has a pain management plan.  And she possibly has laryngeal paralysis causing her to have loud raspy breathing when walking (could also be from her severe dental disease.)  She came with a raging bladder infection, but that has resolved with treatment.

We are looking forward to many happy tails for PEANUTS, she is already on the way.

PEANUTS is sponsored by:

  • Chance Martenson of Lynden, WA - Lifetime sponsor
  • Darcie Kinyon of Bothell, WA - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Barbara Maurer of New Bern, NC in memory of "Missy", "Kinsey", and "Sneakers" - Lifetime
  • Tina Perovich of Kent​,​ WA - Lifetime
  • Katharine Mayerschoff of Snohomish, WA for Joann Zanan - Lifetime Sponsor