Here’s Pippa! When she arrived into Old Dog Haven care this sweet little 12-year-old Maltese mix had severe gingival hyperplasia (abnormal growth of gum tissue) across her entire gum line. It was so extreme that her teeth weren’t visible and she was unable to close her mouth–her face was like a Halloween mask and she was very sensitive to having her face touched.

In order for us to relieve Pippa’s misery she needed a complicated and very lengthy procedure with a dental specialist. Dentals like this are quite expensive so the Maranda Fund was used to cover the costs. The huge gum overgrowth was removed along with most of her teeth that had been irreparably moved by the overgrown gums. The gum growth was tested for malignancy and fortunately came back negative. The procedure was successful and Pippa now looks fantastic!

Her ODH Final Refuge people tell us, “Despite her discomfort the first weeks with us Pippa cheerily nosed toys and enjoyed walks, stopping to sniff seemingly every leaf. Because of her mouth she was a very picky, slow eater and we struggled to feed her. A few days after her dental surgery, Pippa was a new girl! She now plays with toys, tossing them overhead to pounce on them again. Pippa loves socks and brings them to her bed to sleep with; we call them her sock babies. She eagerly devours her special renal diet (Pippa also has kidney disease) and goes looking for more treats. In her excitement as we’re making her meals, Pippa makes adorable little squeaks. What a difference the surgery made for her!”

Lucky Pippa lives with two other ODH Final Refuge dogs, Finn and Miss Dede. She just loves pack walks and adventures with them and spends her days sleeping curled in a dog bed at her peoples’ feet as they work. They tell us, “Pippa has such a kind and sweet spirit. We’re grateful to Old Dog Haven, the Maranda Fund and all the donors and supporters that made rescuing and giving Pippa a better life possible!”

Update:  Dear Pippa had such a wonderful time with her Final Refuge family.  Her health finally failed, however, and they had to say goodbye.  This little girl will be greatly missed and truly made the most out of the time she had in her new home.

Sweet Pippa before surgery

Pippa’s gums before surgery

Here’s Pippa Again! Now so much more comfortable after gum surgery.

Smart Pippa!