Rocky ended up in a rescue when he and his mother (or maybe daughter?) were taken from an owner who could no longer care for them. We were told that Rocky was 14 years old, had bladder crystals, and had longterm damage to his neck. Since coming to his ODH home he has been on a prescription diet to keep the crystals from becoming bladder stones and has frequent vet checks. In truth, he’s not able to lift his head up for long but no damage has been found in his neck. Whether this is a birth defect or an injury that left no other trace, Rocky deals with it calmly. He loves to ride in the special stroller than his ODH dad made, he is able to rest his chin on the rim and watch the world go by. This gentle little fellow is really enjoying all the love and attention in his final home.

Update:  After a wonderful time with Rocky, sadly his foster dad passed away.  However, the family stepped up and gave Rocky a very loving home for as long as possible.  Finally this very old, and much loved little fellow passed away.  He was a very lucky little boy to have had two dedicated final families and will be missed by many.