It was late Sunday afternoon when we noticed Rucker’s legs looked a little  weak. By Sunday night, he was unable to stand and sadly, we knew that we had  to say goodbye. Perhaps the dreaded cancer had spread throughout his body.

Unfortunately it was only four short months that Rucker had been with us. He came to us grossly under weight, unneutered with suspected testicular cancer, not potty trained, and shaved by the shelter to get rid of the bad smell
and treat his skin ailments. If we reached to pet him, he would duck his head. If we ran our hands down his back he would just about drop to the floor. We don’t think his first 13 years of life may have been what he deserved!

While sharing life with Rucker, it has been our pleasure to see him flourish and respond to wonderful vet care, good food (although he had to learn to want to eat again) and lots of love and attention. We loved to watch him run with delight around the little farm he now got to call his final home. What a wonderful sight to see Rucker lift his head high and prance around his new kingdom. We will never forget his gentle nature towards all, the twinkle in his eyes, and his unconditional love towards us. He made us smile every single day and he will never be forgotten. He truly touched our hearts in so many ways!

Rest in peace sweet Rucker, we only wish we could have had years with you instead of months.