From his Final Refuge mom:  Sweet solemn 13 year old Sam (lab?pittie?) was a stray that landed in a busy shelter. He was found to have a recessive lower jaw that impacted his ability to eat so he was hand fed at the shelter. Fortunately ODH was notified and transported our new boy to his home.

Solving his eating problem was quick – a bowl with higher sides allowed him to eat thoroughly and independently.  A dental was done and several teeth were removed with ODH covering all his treatment expenses.

Sam has really fit in with our crowd. He is an excellent walker but suffers from some knuckling with both front and back paws at times. We now have special boots which help him to keep going strong. Sam also has arthritis and prior torn ACLs that had been healed. ODH again paid for his vet visits, x rays, pain meds, and special food for his intestinal inflammation.

With all his problems, Sam does well. Gus (ODH) has become his buddy – sharing beds and exploring. Boo (ODH) and Sam nestle together on the couch while the vacuum cleaner is on. Yes, those two are deaf.

Sam doesn’t let his disability stop him. He’s learning my hand signals and directional light tugs on his leash. And with his mumbles, he’s teaching us ‘time to eat’, ‘go for a walk’, or just ‘I need a snuggle’. When he meets others, Sam stands still and takes them in with his eyes. He’s very friendly with everyone, even big, young dogs that try to bounce on his head and dogs that barrel over to say ‘hi’.  Sam just takes it all in stride.

Though he’s very reserved, Sam is slowly finding out that he’s finally at his forever home which is what this endearing sweetheart deserves.

Update:  Sam had settled in wonderfully with his new family and was able to stay for 8 months before his many medical issues became too much.   His mother had this to say about her special boy: “Sam was euthanized today. It was really hard this time as Sam had so many challenges that unless you lived with him, you might not know. He truly was my heart. I have no words.”

All the pups are special, but some, like Sam, are extra special and never forgotten.

Sam (left) and Gus enjoying the outdoors

Sam in the sun

Sam taking a relaxing nap