Sam is a 40 pound cattle dog and aussie mix, who is about 11 years old. Sam is a friendly boy who sounds like he will make a great addition to a home. He can live with other dogs and has lived with children. Sam has not lived with cats. This very nice dog is in need of a home A.S.A.P.

Sam likes to play soccer! He’d appreciate getting out for walks on a regular basis. We are told he is “OK” on leash and he will bark at other dogs while he’s out but that’s just to say “hi!”. So often dogs just want to meet others when they are outside of the house. Sam loves when his people talk to him! He sounds like an attentive friend who wants to be engaged and connected with his family.

Because Sam has lived with another dog since he was adopted in 2015, we believe he’d do best continuing to have another doggy companion when the humans need to leave the house. Time to settle in and learn a new routine in his new life should be given to Sam. We’d all hope for this ourselves if our lifestyle was changed, right? Sam sounds as though he is a pretty easy going fellow.

At this time Sam can still manage stairs. He has not seen a vet in a couple of years and we are told that it is unknown if he is up to date on vaccines. This means that Sam’s adopter should be willing and able to get him into a vet soon after his adoption and continue to provide lifelong veterinary care and good quality dog food.  We just know Sam will make it worth for you!

Sam is located in Sequim, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. Sam is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.