“Greetings! My name is Stan and I’m looking for a home that comes with a lifetime commitment. I’m a 10 year old lab mix and I weigh 70 pounds. Why would you want to make me a member of your family, you ask? I have a lot to offer-so much love and devotion! Before coming to my current home I was a sled dog. I lived outside and once the people decided it was time for me to “retire”, I was fortunate that a nice couple wanted to adopt me. I was really lucky that I was adopted instead of being sent out to live in the woods with the rest of the retired pack as is the practice with my former people. I have lived inside now for over a year. I LOVE my life! Of course I grew up living around many other dogs so if you have a dog or two, maybe we can be friends? I will admit that I do like to chase the cats here so it’d probably best if my new home doesn’t have cats. I’m great with kids as long as they are old enough to be gentle with me. I can stay alone for quite a long time without needing a potty break. As I mentioned, I used to be a sled dog so I grew up getting lots of exercise. I can still go for long walks-up to 2 miles. I was trained to pull and all that pulling did some damage to my neck so I need to wear a harness for walking. I’m just a happy boy; I love everyone. I give everyone I meet a paw and when I really like a person, I give hugs. I do a little tap dance for treats and I’ve learned a few verbal commands from my current family. I am a great companion. I’ll keep you company in the car-car rides are fun! When you come home from work or errands, I’ll give you a rock star welcome home.

A home with a fenced yard would be nice so I can go outside whenever the mood strikes. I can manage stairs but sometimes I need help getting in and out of the car. Do keep that in mind when considering me. I’m a strong, big boy who needs someone who can manage my size especially as I age. My family is sad to have to give me up but I will be forever grateful to them for adopting me away from the life I had lived and was destined to live. They are hoping to find a home with people who will love and appreciate me for the rest of my days. I promise I’m a good boy who will make you happy you gave me a home!”

Stan is in Olympia, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

  • Posted for others; This is NOT an ODH Dog