Stubs and Karmen were left at the shelter by their owners; these two little 12-year-old Chihuahuas are a bonded pair and are very sweet little dogs. They are housebroken, quiet and sweet to be around. They do well with other small dogs and are good with cats.

Karmen is the paler chocolate-colored girl; she is only 4 pounds and has several medical issues. She is shy and sweet and loves people and Stubs. Stub, the bigger (all of 6 pounds) blue and tan boy with the great ears, is in better shape medically. He is alert, sweet and loves Karmen and people.

These two tiny sweethearts are VERY nice little dogs who would love to curl up with someone and be cherished in their senior years.

Stubs and Karmen are at the Regional King County Animal Shelter in Kent, waiting together for you. Please call 206-296-7387 or visit 21615 64th Ave S, Kent.

ODH has not met these dogs; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.

  • Regional King County Animal Shelter in Kent
  • Phone: 206-296-7387