11 year old Twix is a 30 pound cocker spaniel. His sweet frosted face just melts hearts!

Twix has lived with other dogs and is said to be very social and friendly with new dogs he meets. He’s never lived with a cat before but has been friendly with those he’s met. Twix is also said to be good with respectful children.

Currently Twix spends his days inside, alone in his home without any issue. He can manage quite a while without needing a potty break. At this time he’s able to do stairs. Twix takes 2 short walks a day and is well behaved on leash.

Twix knows basic commands and is reportedly not a barky dog-doesn’t he sound wonderful?

As common in his breed, Twix needs regular grooming and bathing that includes keeping his ears clean. He has a tendency to get itchy so help for that would be great.  His hearing is not what it used to be, we’re told his sight is “O.K.”. In December 2016 Twix had a cancerous anal glad tumor removed. He has done very well since then but this is something someone considering adopting him should be aware of.

Twix needs a home with someone who can afford his vet care and manage his “upkeep” to keep him as healthy as he can be for the rest of the days. Twix is waiting in Mercer Island, WA. for his adoptive home.

This is not an ODH home; we urge prospective adopters do to their own evaluation.