Winnie is a very sweet little terrier mix that is a quiet, mannerly housemate. She doesn’t look her age at 10 but did have an eye removed a couple years ago due to glaucoma. The same issue is not apparent in the remaining eye. Winnie knows how to use a dog door although it’s getting a bit more challenging for her as she ages and with her limited sight. She does well with other dogs but too much doggy attention can be overwhelming. Winnie may be OK with a cat as long as the cat is dog savvy and one that will not take a swipe at her remaining eye. Her favorite activities are snooting around in the yard, cozying up next to her person and going for a walk. Isn’t Winnie lovely? She has a lush soft coat and a rather unique look. Winnie weighs 18 pounds.

Winnie is posted for Saving Pets One at a Time (SPOT). She is in a foster home in Burlington, WA.  An application from a quieter home with a family willing and able to care for a senior pet will be considered.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.