Zeus is a purebred neutered male German Shepherd. Born in June 2012, he is 10 years old. This gorgeous fellow weighs 95 pounds.

This handsome, dignified older gentleman is so easy to be around! Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely stroll, or road trip, or just some quiet time kicking back, he’ll calmly keep you company. And if you can’t invite him along, that’s okay too – he’s quite able to lie quietly and ponder the Meaning of Life until you get back home.

His original family bought him as a pup from a backyard breeder. Initially he was an indoor dog, but a family member proved to be severely allergic so he’s been living as an outdoor dog since he was quite young. After a couple years they bought Pearl (also available for adoption) to be his breeding mate and companion. He has been fed and cared for reasonably well, and his humans were fond of him, but he was lonely living as an outdoor dog. He started following Pearl when she wandered, which led to fines, and eventually his people asked us to find him another home. He has been living in a foster home in Kennewick, Eastern Washington since the beginning of July.

This boy isn’t going to get up in your guests’ face, but he likes people, and he is sweet and patient even with small children.

When he meets new dogs he greets them and then leaves them alone. He pretty much ignores most of the dogs in his foster home. He accepts that Pearl is the boss, and tends to hold back and let her dominate interactions with the humans. For this reason, although they’ve been together a long time, they’re not that bonded and we think Zeus might actually be happier in the long run if he’s separated from her. They could stay together as long as Pearl can have her very own human that she doesn’t have to share, and there’s another pair of hands dedicated to loving on Zeus.

Rescue was told that Zeus enjoys going for walks, although in his foster home during the heat of summer he’d just as soon stay in air-conditioned comfort. He’s a low-energy dog, so he’d be up for leisurely strolls or just hanging out. He enjoys car rides, and his favorite treat in the world is a big juicy bone. He would love to have a home with a shady yard, but a secure fence is essential. Zeus is unlikely to wander, especially not when there’s a human to hang out with, but he did learn from Pearl to go looking for company when he’s bored and lonely.

He is a gentle, affectionate boy. We expect he’ll be quick to accept a new family, but he will likely take a while to fall in love with you. Once he does, however, he just loves to be petted and talked to.

Zeus is crate trained and will quite often choose to go into his crate if it’s left open. Generally, his house manners are good – he’s very quiet, never destructive, doesn’t get on furniture, doesn’t counter-surf, and doesn’t mess with anything that isn’t his. He tends to barge through doors but is learning to wait for permission to go outside. He’s had very little obedience training, but he comes reliably when called, understands “no”, walks beautifully on a leash, and sits on command.

Having always been an outside dog, his house-training needs a little work. He rarely has “accidents” (and has never pooped inside in his foster home), but he has marked indoors just a few times. To be fair, a lot of dogs have passed through this foster home, and not all of them were house-trained. Zeus’ rescuers are confident that, in a home that hasn’t had a lot of dogs marking indoors, if the humans are patient, consistent and firm in showing him what’s expected, it won’t take long before he gets it. He’s a good boy who really wants to please!

Zeus has been neutered and checked out by a vet. His coat and feet were full of cheatgrass when he came to rescue, and some of it had burrowed through his skin and become infected. It was cleaned up under sedation and he was treated with antibiotics. Apart from that he is in excellent health. His teeth are good, and he seems to have minimal arthritis pain.

For more pictures, please check out his Facebook album at (2) Facebook. To apply to adopt him please email HearthfireART@gmail.com. HART does not have a public facility; Zeus is in a private foster home and will be available to meet you after your adoption application has been approved. He is located in Kennewick, in Eastern Washington. If necessary his rescuers will transport him to an approved home in the Pacific Northwest.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.