By Claudia Kulvinskas

Note:  Many dogs that come to us have lived with someone who loved them very much, but were unable to continue to care for their dogs for various reasons. We don’t always know their names or have any contact information for them but our fosters, like Claudia, want these people to know that their dogs are loved and being well cared for in their forever homes.  In the case of Tebow, Claudia wrote to his lady, but we were unable to find her, so this letter—directed to a specific person—is also meant for anyone out there who had to move into an assisted living facility and couldn’t take their dog. Thank you, Claudia, for speaking for many of us who would like to express the same thoughts of reassurance.


You don’t know me, so let me introduce myself. My name is Claudia and I am the lucky gal who is now taking care of Tebow. I wanted to let you know how he is doing since he’s been here, because I can tell he came from a wonderful home and was very loved by you.

In the beginning he was pretty sad and confused. He missed you so, so much. The funny thing is, the month previous, I had lost my last permanent foster named Bug. I told Tebow that we can both miss our loved ones together, and I like to think we helped each other heal.

I live and work on a 10-acre property and Tebow’s favorite place to be is outside. I take him on at least three long walks a day, up to five to six if the weather is nice. There are lots of stray cats, rabbits, and deer for him to sniff and chase after and he just loves it. He makes me laugh every time he picks up a fresh scent and lets out his baroos! This dog is turning me into a sprinter! When it’s raining and we can’t walk, he will sit with his chin on the counter and just stare forlornly out the window. It really is adorable, although it makes me feel very guilty!



I love to hike and camp and in a typical year I would go camping several times. I had five reservations made before this virus came around and by the end, only one reservation wasn’t cancelled. Tebow just had the best time and is a wonderful camping dog! It made me wonder if he had ever been camping before. We spent two and a half days walking the woods and enjoying the outdoors. He had such a good time that when I started to break down my tent he looked at me like I had just slapped him and insulted his mother. He went to the edge of the camp site, laid down, and wouldn’t look at me for at least an hour. It was hilarious! He didn’t want to go home! I am so excited to take him out again next year.

He just loves car rides, as I’m sure you know. I bought him his own seatbelt so I can keep the window rolled down and not worry about him jumping out. I take him everywhere with me if the situation and weather allows. He does NOT like to be left at home alone! I figured out the hard way why you crate trained him. 😊We have a drive-in theatre out here and I like to take him with me when I go; and of course, I have to share my popcorn with him!

He is such a good boy. An absolute goofball now that he has come out of his shell. He makes me laugh and smile multiple times a day! Tebow is also so smart, curious, and even mischievous! I’ve had to learn to slow down and be patient when we walk or hike so he can sniff all the things. He has such a powerful sniffer. My mail lady leaves Milk Bones for him and he knows when I go to get the mail! I’ll put the treat in a different pocket each time and let him sniff it out. It has become a tradition.



I could never love him as much as you, but I hope it’s a comfort to know he is safe, loved, and happy. He is cherished and cared for and pretty darn spoiled.

All of my best, and a Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas to you!

Claudia and Tebow

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