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This week’s story about Georgia is told by her Final Refuge mom Kate Seabeck. The first photo on the side shows her at the shelter and the others as she is now.

Georgia at shelter  “When Judith sent me a photo of lil Georgia Peach my heart melted. Such a funny face on such a sad looking girl. I went the next day to get her. When they brought her out she looked so pathetic: hair gone, eyes dull, but her lil tail never stopped wagging. It was love at first sight. She was under weight, her coat and skin were very unhealthy, and her mouth needed serious care. Off we went to the vet and to the eye doctor. We started feeding her good food and salmon oil, treating her eyes with ointment and giving her bi weekly baths.

“The eye doctor suggested putting her on a low dose of thyroid medication, which made a world of difference. Poor lil Georgia became beautiful Georgia Peach!  Just a little TLC turned this girl around. She put on weight, her coat filled out, her eyes shine now and she has some pep in her step. Have I said that her tail never stops wagging?


She loves to roll on her back with all four legs in the air, growling and grunting. When she first did this my husband was worried she was having a seizure, but she was just letting go. We laugh constantly watching her do this. The other dogs don’t know what to make of her.

Georgia and Kate


“Georgia has a special space in the bed. She has a little pink leopard print bucket bed that rests next to my pillow; she curls up in it and snores away. I fall asleep to her soft snoring. Many times I wake up in the morning to the sight of her with all four up in the air and her little pink tongue hanging out. I just can’t resist gushing at her. She just fills my heart with so much love. This sad lil old lady has turned into a vivacious charismatic nut. We have fallen madly in love with her. We call, ‘Georgia! Where is my  Geo-geo?’ and she jumps up, dances over with that tail wagging.

“She didn’t bark for months. Then one day I was in the kitchen and heard ‘yip yip’. I didn’t know what it was but when I came out there was Georgia at the front door apparently wanting to go out. She does have a voice! I almost cried I was so excited.




“I am so grateful she was sent to us. Georgia has blossomed. When you are sent a 13 year-old dog and she looked as sad as Georgia did, you worry you may be just providing hospice care, but thankfully in this case we were the new lease on life that Georgia needed all along. I can’t stop cuddling her and kissing that mushed up face. She makes me smile.”



Next week you’ll meet Gracie.


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