Ivy wants to tell you about her two sisters for our Care, Comfort and Joy stories this December.

Woof, woof!      (translation:​ Happy Holidays to you all!)​

For my last blog for the year I’d like to ​introduce you to  my pack mates, Anna and Malorie (aka the poodle sisters).  They aren’t really sisters but Mom says they​ act like sisters.  I like them ok except Malorie likes to sleep right next to Mom and so do I.


So here’s a bit about them:


Anna came to our home over 4 years ago (2 years before me).  She ha​d​ been turned into a shelter ​(as a 5 pound ‘stray’) ​and had a very scary episode ​when she passed out during one of her first shelter exams.  She had to be given oxygen and then finally came around.  This episode, coupled with an oral nasal fistula, one remaining canine that was infected and a significant heart murmur made her a good ODH candidate.

At under 5 pounds you might think she was a weak little thing​ ​​who wanted to always be carried,​  but ​that wasn’t the case.  She loves to bark at ​any imagined or real noise and  has been known to gum another dog’s ear if they get close to her food bowl. ​ ​​Anna now has kidney disease so our family knows she won’t be able to stay for too much longer, but she is still living a great life and we all hope she can feel good for awhile before she moves on to her next adventure.  ​




Malorie came 3 1/2 years ago from a shelter where she and another small poodle had been dropped off.  Sadly her friend passed away ​at the shelter so she needed to go to a home ​ideally with another small poodle, and ​ our home was ready for another!  She also had bad teeth and ​had not been spayed. ​ ​ Malorie moved right in ​and is the first to sound the alarm if there’s anything that looks ​or sounds ​at all unusual.  ​She had her dental and later the vet found a large uterine tumor which was removed and fortunately was benign.  So, she’s now a happy girl​ and seems to like to cuddle with me on the sofa.  Or at least when I jump up next to her and almost lay on her, she doesn’t wake up​!

​I really love my pack and I get treats whenever they do​ and there’s plenty of room for all of us on Mom and Dad’s bed!

Ivy, Malorie and Anna in their favorite place when it is chilly!


Old Dog Haven has made sure we all get the very best care, and Mom and Dad take care of giving lots of pets and warm laps and beds!

Happy Holidays – Happy New Year and I’ll see you all next year!
–  “Paws Up” from Ivy
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