Ivy is an Old Dog Haven dog that came to her Final Refuge home almost two years ago in dreadful shape as you can see below. In just a few months, with excellent vet care, lots of love, warm beds for daytime naps and a big bed where she sleeps with her mom, dad and two poodle sisters at night, this girl blossomed into a healthy and very happy pup. She is so grateful to Old Dog Haven that she wanted to send a message about the Maranda Fund (and Calendar Release) Celebration to you all. (Photo: Wendy Giberson)



“Greetings everyone! I’m not good at using a keyboard (the lack of those opposable thumbs) so I’m dictating this to my Final Refuge mom. (Any typos are hers!)

“I wanted to do this post to let you all know more about how wonderful the Maranda Fund is for us Old Dog Haven dogs.  Now, I am not a Maranda Fund dog, even though I looked rather dreadful when I came to live with my folks and I felt even worse.  Every part of me itched, all my lovely fur was gone, and I had sores all over from chewing all the itchies.  However, it didn’t take much to get me fixed up.  My first stop was the vet office and the wonderful people there took care of my allergies and skin infections and I was a beauty in a very short time as you see at the top of this page!”

“There are other ODH dogs, like Sissy Alice here, who did need a great deal of  extensive medical care and because of the Maranda Fund, Old Dog Haven could get her the very extensive dental she needed and still care for me!  So you can see why I love them so.  Sissy Alice came with many medical issues which were addressed right away (visit to the cardiologist and a history of bladder stones) but it wasn’t until a few months later that she was ready for her dental issues to be addressed.  After her dental surgery, she felt so much better and was even happier in her new home!

“So if you’d like to help us with the Maranda Fund, so Old Dog Haven can continue to help dogs with extra special needs like Sissy Alice and still help all those like me, please consider making a donation to the Maranda Fund this October, which is our Maranda Fund/Calendar Release Celebration.  (You can do that HERE.)  And, anyone who donates $40 or more can receive a 2023 Old Dog Haven Calendar as a gift.  My mom says they make great holiday gifts too.  Best of all…they used my picture for March!!”

“Paws up to you,”  from Ivy



Here are Ivy’s before and after pictures – such a huge difference.

Ivy, on the day she arrived from the shelter – home at last!

Ivy on a walk at a local wetlands – shaggy and very happy!


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