Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending Old Dog Haven’s Foster/Volunteer picnic and on the drive home I amused myself by trying to remember the names of the dogs I saw at the picnic. I won’t show off by listing them for you, but I will say that the best part of remembering a name was the dog face that appeared in my mind’s eye. And, not only did I see a face, but I remembered what I noticed about the dog when I was at the picnic:


Redd’s enthusiasm and happy-to-be-here attitude was so charming,






Sydney, my friend from the shelter, now has a light in his eyes and smiles about his new life,






Trevor was a little overwhelmed, but he was able to hang in there because his mom made him feel safe,





Portia and Pansy loved being chauffeured prima donnas.





Arthur has found his pack and loves being taken care of by his family,





And on and on……

But here’s what’s most important. I saw dogs that wouldn’t be alive today in this life if they hadn’t been taken in by ODH. I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but it’s true. We’re their safety net. We provide the haven. Our fosters provide opportunities for dogs to be well loved members of the family. Our donors make it possible for our dogs to receive the veterinary care they need.

It’s all about making a difference and that truth was very visible at the picnic as I saw dogs and their families having fun, meeting others, and just enjoying life. So much love. So much pride. So much positive energy.
I’m very proud to be a foster and to be a part of such a special group of people.

Thank you all.


Photos by Julie Austin and Aaron Davis

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