By Paula Moreschi


Shane and Adam


This week we’d like you to meet two very special people, Adam and Shane owners of Paddywack in Mill Creek, who have big hearts for old dogs. During the month of February they are showing their love for old dogs by hosting a very special fundraiser for Old Dog Haven.\

How did you discover Old Dog Haven?
We became most familiar with Old Dog Haven when Adam was an employee at Paddywack and the original owner was a partner with Old Dog Haven. We fell in love with the mission of Old Dog Haven very quickly!

How long have you owned Paddywack?
We became owners in July of 2014 after Adam had worked for Janet, the original owner, for a number of years.


What made you want to own a pet store?
Both of us had worked for small pet supply shops in CT (Shane) and VA (Adam) before meeting in Washington while working for a local chain pet store. It’s an industry that we both enjoyed (Who doesn’t like being surrounded by animals every day?) and felt passionate about. We find it so rewarding to help bring about positive changes in the health and happiness of pets!


Our Old Dog Haven dogs are ready to shower you with love during our outreach events at Paddywack this month

 Why do you love Old Dog Haven?
We believe all pets deserve a loving home for their entire life. Nothing is more heartbreaking then hearing about a senior dog abandoned or in need. Old Dog Haven heals our hearts by giving these dogs a second chance for love, medical care and a comfortable home to call their own for the remainder of their lives. The dedication that the Old Dog Haven volunteers and final refuge fosters have is inspiring and while we are not in a position to take in a final refuge dog ourselves we are more than happy to do what we can to help out.

Have you had special senior dog(s) in your lives whose stories you’d like to share with us?
When I (Shane) was 19 I got my first dog of my own, a Chihuahua named Murphy. He was my little buddy and was still a puppy when I got my first job in the industry. I started out feeding him Pedigree, moved to Iams, and then finally got him started on good brands once I had learned about what makes a quality food. Over the years Murphy helped me learn and grow as a pet owner and was a sweet snuggly little guy.

Later in his life, like many toy breed dogs, he had dental issues and also went blind. But he was still my buddy and was there when we welcomed our two children who learned so much from him about how to be gentle and kind to animals – especially those who need extra care. We had to say goodbye in December 2016 when Murphy was 17.5 and he is very missed. I have an extra soft spot for the blind dogs and the Chihuahuas of Old Dog Haven because they remind me of him.

Can you tell us more about the Have A Heart fundraiser for Old Dog Haven?
Every year we host a sponsorship drive to encourage our customers to support Old Dog Haven dogs and help them get the necessary care that they all need. We match the first $1000 in sponsorships including sponsoring dogs chosen by our wonderful employees along with our children.

The windows at Paddywack are starting to fill with sentiments of love

Last year we implemented a new fundraising tool. Customers can purchase a small heart for $1, or a large heart for $5, with 100% of their donation going to Old Dog Haven. The hearts are often purchased in honor of a beloved dog that has passed on and people genuinely seemed to appreciate the opportunity to help old dogs in need

Last year between customer donations, our matching funds, and a generous donation from one of our partner food brands we raised $6,086 in total for Old Dog Haven dogs! This year we hope to top that, of course!





How long does your Have a Heart fundraiser run?
Our Have a Heart fundraiser lasts all February long! (Update: And through the first weekend in March) People can also call in a sponsorship and every year we have had people call from all over the country. You can reach us during business hours at 425-357-6510 and our team will be glad to help you choose a dog to sponsor (if you’d like) and process your donation over the phone. Our business hours are:

Mon. – Fri. 9:30 – 8:00, Sat. 9:00 – 8:00 and Sun. 10:00 – 7:00.


ODH dog Zoey (on left) making a new friend at the Paddywack fundraiser.

When will Old Dog Haven representatives and dogs be there to meet and greet people? 

We will have some of our great friends and Final Refuge dogs with us on Saturday, 16, 11:00 – 3:00, Sunday Feb. 24, 11:00-3:00, and the first weekend in March. (Please check the ODH calendar on our website ( or the Paddywack Facebook page to see when ODH representatives will be there the first weekend in March.)




Thank you Shane, Adam and the crew at Paddywack for loving old dogs.

We hope you will consider being a Valentine by sponsoring an Old Dog Haven Final Refuge dog during this month of love for old dogs.

Paddywack – 15407 Main Street Suite 101, Mill Creek, WA 98012; 425-357-6510


UPDATE: Paddywack was closed on Sat. Feb. 9 because of weather conditions, but they have extended the ODH fundraiser through the first weekend in March to make up for the lost snow days.





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