Now that we’ve officially started a new year most people have goals they hope to accomplish in 2017. I figured our dogs might have a few goals too so I asked 10 Old Dog Haven Final Refuge dogs about their goals for the year. Here’s what they had to say:



Jack loves to play with squeaky toys and carry them around, and his goal for the year is to have several piles of toys scattered around the house so he doesn’t have to go far to find one. When I told him that his goal involves someone else—me—doing the work, all I got was the stink eye.







Pedro Vasquez will dance for a treat and his goal for the year is to expand his dance repertoire and be invited to dance the Cha Cha on a new TV show called “Dancing With the Dogs.”





Clint spends his retirement taking long, peaceful naps, so his goal for the year is to take at least 10 naps a day on the most comfortable piece of furniture in the house and have treats waiting for him when he wakes from his nap.







Hermy likes to do tricks and his goal is to win “America’s Got Talent” and have his own show in Las Vegas.







Girlie loves herding sheep and her goal is to have her very own herd at her disposal at all times and all places … even in the house.







Willow loves to fetch balls and her goal is to have her family supply her with an automatic ball thrower that she can activate anytime she feels like playing fetch and there isn’t a human around to throw the ball.








Toffee is quite the diva and has been known to hit the runway wearing a tutu. Her goal this year is to become the first dog to appear on “America’s Next Top Model.”







Rock and Choko love to be outside exploring, so their goal is to star in their own TV show called “The Boys Hit the Trail” featuring their outdoor adventures.







Ms Murphy loves people, especially babies and children, is friendly with all dogs, cats, and even farm animals. She trusts everyone, makes friends everywhere and gives gentle kisses. Her goal is to be recognized as the “Friendliest Dog in the U.S.” this year.







Gabby loves to run around the pasture but she’s always up for a car ride and her goal this year is to get her driver’s license so she can be in charge of where to go in the car.



Happy New Year from all of us at Old Dog Haven!



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