TinasmileOur Placement Coordinator Tina Nabseth spends long hours at the computer and on the phone helping people who feel they need to re-home their senior dogs. The work is challenging, often frustrating, and Tina listens to sad stories every day. Given the fact that Tina spends most of her time dealing with serious issues, there’s a part of her that understands she needs to lighten up sometimes and smile. When she has those “I need to smile” moments what does she do?

She dresses up her dogs. The “Costume Queen of ODH” enlists the help of her ever patient and indulgent dogs to make her smile and be thankful for all of the positive and teachable moments that come when you live with senior dogs. What’s the lesson here? Actually, there are two:

  1. When you need to smile and be positive, look to your dog for inspiration.
  2. Dogs are patient and happy to indulge whatever quirky whim makes their people smile.

Just in case you need to smile too here are a few of the many photos Tina has taken of some of her dogs on various occasions.


Jiggy St. Patssmile

Wilson pumpkinsmile  Wilson tulipssmile


Chiquita 4th Julysmile   Minnie-seahawkssmile  Jiggy Eastersmile

Chiquita pumpkinsmile  Duncan-2016smile  Felix- xmassmile

Jiggy- ninjasmile  Maz and Hermy- Valentinesmile  Nicholas-valentinesmile


Next week: Dementia in Senior Dogs

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