Inspired by the compassion and commitment of founders Judith and Lee Piper, Old Dog Haven has become a community of fosters, volunteers, and donors all dedicated to getting old dogs out of shelters and placing them in private homes with loving families. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate being a part of this community than to attend the 5th Annual Walk for Old Dogs on Sunday July 17.

Yes, the Walk is a fundraiser and we do need the money. And, with only a week to go before the Walk we’re still short of our fundraising goal of $80,000. By now you probably know that our vet bills average about $80,000 per month so the goal of raising $80,000 with the Walk isn’t unreasonable, and even with discounts from our veterinary partners, the cost all adds up.











But, the event is so much more than a fundraiser. It’s an experience that will leave you smiling for days. Or longer I hope.

You know what the event feels like to me?  When I’m at the park surrounded by so many people who celebrate the value of senior dogs in our community it feels like the positive energy is strong enough to create world peace … at the very least. The simplicity of the exchange between human and dog is a lesson to people everywhere because it’s real, positive and the energy is palpable. Look at the photos from previous Walks I’ve posted here. Do you see the joy? Do you see the love?


Here’s what else I see when I’m at the Walk. I see second chances at happiness walking around on four legs (or three … or two … or in strollers). I see dogs that would never have made it out of shelters alive if they hadn’t been taken in by Old Dog Haven. And when I see these dogs smiling, socializing, having fun, and being so well-loved by their people, I can’t help but be happy I’m there to celebrate with them.

But the Walk isn’t just about sitting around hugging your dog. It’s about having fun in a variety of ways:

  • You can put your dog behind the wheel of Gene Melange’s race car, take a photo and then send the picture to your friends with the caption: “Look at this! He’s learned to drive!”
  • Or, you can dress your dog up in a silly costume and watch people smile because they think she’s so cute.
  • Does your dog do tricks? Here’s a chance to show people that old dogs can learn new tricks.
  • Is your dog in a stroller? Decorate the stroller and win a prize. (There will be prizes for all Pageant winners!)
  • Why not treat your dog to a free massage from Angel Care Animal Massage?
  • Buy your dog a homemade goodie from The Seattle Barkery. Or, if you’d prefer people food you can get ice-pops from Six Strawberries, vegan ice cream sandwiches from The Cookie Cutter, and the Legendary Latke Press sandwiches from Napkin Friends.
  • Or how about a nail trim for your dog from sponsor Aussie Pet Mobile?
  • Take your dog shopping at the Save-a-Mutt, Dogatella, and Paddywack booths.
  • Come and meet the Old Dog Haven foster who has been fostering ODH dogs for 11 years.
  • Shake paws with the oldest dog at the Walk.
  • Meet author Laura Coffey who will be there signing and selling copies of her book My Old Dog, which contains a chapter about Old Dog Haven and features Old Dog Haven dog Stacie on the cover.
  • You can also buy Old Dog Haven tee shirts as well as signed copies of the book about Old Dog Haven by yours truly.
  • And much more ….

Please join us. Dogs and people of all ages welcome! I promise you that it’ll be an afternoon you won’t forget. It’s not too late to register, form a team, sponsor a team or just make a donation if you really can’t be there. For details, go to: http://odhwalkforolddogs.org/



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