Sunny’s first day

Sunny now


Sometimes the transformations we love to see in our dogs take many months or even years to happen, but Sunny has blossomed from a neglected weed into a beautiful flower in just eight weeks. She’s still healing emotionally, but her progress is quite remarkable. Here’s her story as told by her foster mom Kari.




“Our plans changed New Year’s Eve when we got word from ODH that there was an old cocker spaniel in rough shape waiting at the shelter. We found her anxious and shaking, but eager to go with us. As she bravely sat with us on the drive home, we decided to call her Sunny.



“The first few weeks were a whirlwind of veterinary visits, grooming, and medicated baths. We learned Sunny is about 14, deaf and visually impaired. She began treatments for dry eye, arthritis, a skin condition, and high blood pressure.





“Initially, Sunny preferred to sit on a dog bed by the fire, watching us. As she felt better, her confidence grew; she started to ask to sit on the couch with us and crawl into our laps, and she made friends with our other ODH Final Refuge dog, Charm. Sunny blossomed into a cheerful girl, happy to learn about and participate in all the household routines—‘no, we don’t pester the cats or sneak into the cupboard to forage on our own.’ She’s eager to please and learns very quickly. With treatment for her arthritis and vision, she’s become an enthusiastic explorer on our afternoon walks and is thrilled when she can spot a squirrel to growl at. She’s starting to feel the house is hers and has begun barking at passers-by. It’s been a joy to watch her new confidence as she scampers about the house.


“We’ve only had her eight weeks and she is still healing emotionally. While Sunny seeks to be with us and cuddle with us, she doesn’t return affection overtly. She doesn’t lick or rub into us. There are aspects of her character that we don’t know yet. I love how these old dogs reveal themselves on their own terms. Each expression of their feelings of security and confidence is a gift. We’re looking forward to that first lean-in, nudge, or nose demanding a pet 😊 Such an easy girl to love.



“We’re grateful ODH has provided Sunny the care she needed to enjoy her golden years!”


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