In 2004 Judith and Lee Piper had a dream: To help senior dogs who had been abandoned spend the rest of their lives in a safe and loving home. Since then over 8,000 senior dogs have been helped and currently Old Dog Haven has over 310 dogs in permanent foster care.

We’re excited to announce that the following wonderful donors made gifts through our Golden Guardian campaign to support our wonderful old dogs:  Adler C, Andrew G, Andrew T, Andrew B, Ashley D, Beverly W, Bonita B, Bonnie J, Bridget and Mark N, Carolyn M, Catherine D, Chelley & Denise W, Cheryl Z, Christopher B, Crystal B, Darlene I, Darlita & Douglas N, David T, Dawn M, Deborah D, Diane F, Diantha K, Dina K, Douglas M, Ed C & Beverly W, Elizabeth C, Elizabeth S, Erica K, Fran G, Frannie H, Gabrielle T, Geoffrey H, Heather M, Helene B, Jae L, James B, Jan N, Janey O, Janice J, Jeremy M, Jill H, Jill W, Joanne B, John G, Julie J, Karen Grate P, Karen S, Karen Z, Kate C, Katherine T, Kathleen B, Kathleen H, Kelly H, Kimberly C, Laura M,Linda & Larry W, Linda M, Lisa Bella D, Lisa L, Lonnie B, Lorelle K, Lori H, Lynn  G, Marilyn H, Mark & Muriel M, Mary W, Max W, Melinda & Jack H, Melody C, Michael Z, Mike F, Mitra D, Nancy R, Nancy W, Noreen L, Pat H, Patricia J, Philip J, Rebecca B, Rebecca G, Rhoda T, Richard O, Robert H, Robin S, Ronnie B, Saba & Saleemi A, Sara M, Sarah B, Sena S, Shirley & John S, Steve & Elizabeth S, Sue P, Susie K, Susie M, Suzan R, Teri M, Toni C, Tonya A, Tracy K, Trina E, Wendy K, Wendy L, Zada G

In addition, our deepest thanks to all those who donate on a recurring basis through Sponsorships and Donations to support Old Dog Haven!

Golden Guardians (recurring donors) are a very special group of donors.  Along with all our other dedicated supporters, they help ensure that we have a reliable source of income so we can continue providing for these wonderful senior dogs.

It’s not to late to become a Golden Guardian!  For more information, click here.

Here are some examples of how your Golden Guardian Monthly gift helps the dogs:

Blood panel 1



$15 per month – senior blood panel




2- x-ray



$25 per month – x-rays and a radiology review






$50 per month – Intake exam for a new Final Refuge dog. Final Refuge dogs stay in one of our loving foster homes for the rest of their lives.







$100 per month – Appointment and life altering procedure with a dental specialist






$250 per month – Care and two day stay at an emergency clinic for pancreatitis or other common emergencies in senior pups.


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