Grey Muzzle Rescue and Sanctuary

by Thayne Hamilton

This month we are very happy to welcome guest blogger and kindred spirit Thayne Hamilton, pack leader of Grey Muzzle Rescue and Sanctuary. Thayne and wife Suzy welcome into their home and hearts unadoptable, special needs dogs, especially the Great Pyrenees breed. Below are some of Thayne’s thoughts and feelings about his heart work:

My life is a celebration of a dog’s yearning for life…

And their amazing desire to stay so loyal to us.

After 20 years rescuing the worst of the worst abuse cases, I still yearn to quell that thirst for love they have never experienced. I watch as the fire burns again inside them to merely survive. That yearning cannot be extinguished within them, to feel the soft touch of human hands stroking them with compassion. Like us, it’s is all they have ever wanted… To Be Loved… and To Belong.

Here at Grey Muzzle Rescue, they are simply those abused and neglected dogs who walked through those fires of hell and came out “Re-Forged” into something way more, once they were on the other side. Rebirthed and transformed they become forgiving, hopeful, loyal and free.

I celebrate each transformation, even as the line continues to grow longer behind them.

Won’t you please consider adopting from a shelter?

TODAY, there is a BFF Dog out there, just dying to meet you.

Note: If you’d like to help the dogs at Grey Muzzle, check out their wish list on Amazon:

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