Cloris has really become a different dog in the past two years since she came to ODH. This little charmer lives with our founders Judith and Lee, and her story is told by Judith.


“Little Cloris, a small shih tzu who seems elderly but has a VERY determined personality, has needed that determination to have endured all the pain she had. She was found in pretty bad shape, with bloody urine flowing everywhere—no doubt why she was tossed out. Our vet found bladder stones and very bad eyes, but in surgery we found … ‘wait, there’s more!’ While spaying her the surgeon found huge cystic ovaries that had to have been painful. The bladder stones were removed but one was embedded in the bladder wall and had to be dug out. She also had a (fortunately) benign polyp in her bladder. In addition, a mammary tumor was removed (low grade malignancy, completely removed so hopeful prognosis) and her two remaining teeth were removed. We are treating her dry eye condition and the ophthalmologist will determine what else is going on in her eyes.

“Cloris is another example of how important it is to spay your dog early in life—to spare them this really unnecessary pain and possibly deadly cancer!

“She was a WRECK. She was completely passive, did her little moans every time you touched her/picked her up, crouched if you tried to pet her. We figure she had to have been making babies somewhere (the Imperial Shih Tzu tiny puppies were a big thing for a while and she’s only 11 pounds now that she’s gained weight.)



“Cloris has really settled into our home after all of the surgery. She still is passive about the vet and quietly moans if you pick her up, but she snuggles and runs up wagging for treats or pets, is thrilled when we come home, and trots around all over. She’ll snuggle with any available dog. She’s enjoying her new life and it’s wonderful to see her become beautiful. She’s eating up a storm, making up for lost time, and loves being near the dogs and the people. She is certainly a forgiving little girl to have come this far and still like humans.”


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