You’ve read about us. You know some of our histories. You’ve seen photos of us. Here’s what we want you to know about us:

1. We are valued family members.

We don’t live in cages or shelters. We aren’t possessions. We aren’t tied up in yards. We don’t live outside in dog houses or in garages. We live in homes with people who love us and share their lives with us. Sometimes they even share their beds, but if they don’t, we have special beds just for us. Always close. We eat good, healthy food. We have toys, which we sometimes share with other dogs. We take rides and sometimes go on vacations. We are included, and our presence is welcomed. We are loved.

2. Our medical needs are taken care of by Old Dog Haven.

We go to the vet for regular check-ups, and if something is bothering us, the vets help us feel better. The pain and discomfort we felt before we came to Old Dog Haven is treated and monitored. If we can’t walk very well, we’re given medication and sometimes strollers or carts to help us move around.

3. We share our animal hearts with our humans.

We tell them in our own ways how we feel about them, and they do the same for us. This kind of connection is a forever thing because when it’s time for us to leave our bodies, we leave a part of our hearts with our families, and they do the same. That way hearts aren’t ever broken; they’re whole and complete.

4. We don’t judge. Ever.

We know that our families are doing what’s best for us, and whatever kinds of lives we led before we came to Old Dog Haven are relegated to the past. When we join an ODH family, we experience new beginnings that cancel out negative past experiences.

5. We live in the moment.

Today is important. This hour, minute or second is filled with positive thoughts and feelings.  We look for and find joy where you might least expect it.

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