An Inspiring #GivingTuesday Story

#GivingTuesday is Tomorrow, November 27

 Old Dog Haven Final Refuge dog Macy arrived at her foster home last year just days before #GivingTuesday and her transformation has been amazing.


Macy arrived at her foster home scared, anxious and in poor health


When Macy arrived at her new foster home she was in poor health, very anxious, and had an untreated wound on her leg. The shelter staff helped her as much as they could, but due to Macy’s ill health, adoption through the usual channels was not an option for her. Macy was transferred to Old Dog Haven to live the rest of her life, safe and loved, in a Final Refuge home. When her foster mom picked her up from the shelter Macy was unsure what was going on but seemed very relieved and eager to get started with her new life.





Macy is now happy and healthy



Now, a year later, Macy is healthy and strong. With the excellent medical care made possible by Old Dog Haven and gentle care taking from her foster family Macy is thriving. She no longer limps, her coat is shiny, and her demeanor has changed entirely. She was once timid and unsure, but she is now confident and exuberant. Macy is gearing up for another happy and healthy year, thanks to Old Dog Haven and its supporters!





Macy loves hanging out with the other senior dogs in her pack.


Your #GivingTuesday gift will help over 325 dogs in Old Dog Haven final refuge care this holiday season.

#GivingTuesday is tomorrow, November 27 but you can make your gift today.

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