It’s Valentine’s Day this week so I thought I’d talk with a few Old Dog Haven dogs to see if there’s anything special they’d like to have or do for Valentine’s Day. It was tough to get them to be serious, but I’ll faithfully report what they had to say to me:



Stewart: I really love tennis balls and I’d like a box of red ones please.





Nolan: I love fuzzy blankets, tater tots and snuggles. Oh, and nice warm baths too. For Valentine’s Day I’d love a bubble bath.





Dallas: I only have a few teeth left but I love to chew on bones (especially the ones that are supposed to be for my brothers). Maybe I could have some of my own for Valentine’s Day?




Selima: I really like going to Old Dog Haven events but I think I should have a tiara. Maybe for Valentine’s Day?





Kenji: One of my favorite things is to hide under a pile of blankets. Can’t ever have too many blankets. How about more for Valentine’s Day?





Winona: My favorite thing to do is to go out for a Pupuccino. Maybe as a special Valentine’s treat I could have two?




Merlot: My family says I snore ‘like a freight train,’ which I don’t think is true at all. But, just in case it is I’d like to get my people some ear plugs for Valentine’s Day.




Toby: I like eating apples and blackberries from the orchard, but what I really want is a Valentine’s Day apple or blackberry pie. With whipped cream please.





Yoda: I’m the smallest creature in the house, but like a true Jedi Knight I defend my family fearlessly. My eyes aren’t so good anymore so I’d like a flashlight hooked to my collar to help me see while I make my rounds.




Reuben James: Yeah, it’s true that I don’t like going out in the rain—even with my raincoat on—so for Valentine’s Day I’d like more sunshine please.




Happy Valentine’s Day from our dogs to yours!

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