Watching and participating in the transformation of an old sick dog to a healthy happy dog is the very best part of caring for the dogs that come to Old Dog Haven. We celebrate every day of improvement and dancing in the street is a common activity indulged in by ODH fosters when the see how much their dog has improved since he/she first came to them.

It’s important to note that these transformations don’t just happen. There’s no magic here. Well, actually there is if you consider the emotional healing that takes place along with the physical. That’s directed magic. Our dedicated foster parents love and value their dogs and the dogs understand that there’s an emotional connection there and they thrive on that connection. Our fosters also make countless vet visits to help our dogs heal physically—and sometimes that healing is a long process requiring patience from everyone involved.

This week I’d like to introduce you to two dogs that have undergone transformations since they came to ODH: Meet Macy and Mavis.



MACY was relinquished to a shelter by her people because they couldn’t afford vet care. She had to be wheeled in on a cart because she couldn’t walk due to a laceration on her leg.  Macy was also not spayed, and, as is common for German shepherds, has elbow dysplasia.

While at the shelter, this poor girl developed kennel cough as well. The shelter vet clinic worked hard to nurse her back to health, and Old Dog Haven was able to find her a Final Refuge (forever foster) home.  In her new home, Macy settled in with her Old Dog Haven brothers and is learning that it is fun to be part of a pack.

Macy is now on arthritis medication and supplements for her joints.  She still has a bit of a limp from the injury, but she doesn’t let that slow her down. She enjoys her nightly walks and is the first to line up when treats are handed out. Macy has some anxiety issues that cause her to chase her tail when she hears certain noises, but her foster family is working with her and are very optimistic.

Sweet Macy has already made huge progress and is clearly enjoying the love and attention she is receiving in her new life




MAVIS was left at a local shelter with a stomach that resembled a water balloon. This senior lady had been bred over and over until she developed hydrometra, which is basically a uterus full of fluid.  It’s a condition that quickly develops into infection, and is fatal if left untreated. The shelter spayed her and in the process saved her life.

Mavis is a tiny lady, no bigger than a kitten, and with that tiny size comes a number of health issues, including severely luxating patellas and arthritis that results in her spine being curved into an arch. Despite all these conditions, Mavis plays with the cats in her foster home and zooms around the house like a wobbly little windup toy!  At the end of the day she loves to snuggle and settle down quietly for a good night’s sleep.  She fits right in with the pack of Chihuahuas at her foster home.

Her foster family is so grateful to Old Dog Haven for providing Mavis with ongoing medical care as she continues to thrive in her new home.

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