November is “Adopt a Senior Dog” month and even though you can adopt a senior dog any month of the year, we’ll celebrate this month as “The Month of the Senior Dog” by listing some reasons why you should consider adopting a senior. You’ll hear from an expert on the topic: a senior dog. The dogs featured on the left side of the blog are seniors listed on the Old Dog Haven website ( under Adoptable Dogs.

So, here are 10 reasons why you should adopt a senior dog from a dog’s point of view:


1)   I don’t like how it feels to be homeless. To understand my feelings a bit, think about what it would be like to be a homeless person. Now, extend that thought and imagine how you would feel if you were an abandoned, homeless senior citizen. Life as you knew it before you became homeless is a memory that has become barely a whisper in your mind. You’re confused, sad, afraid, perhaps not healthy, and no one wants you. You’ve lived your life in the best way you know how, but now your value has so diminished in the eyes of others that you’ve become expendable. That’s how I feel.







2)   I’m very adaptable and resilient. You might think that because I’m older I might be set in my ways, but actually that’s not true. I can adapt to a new situation and what I’ve been through has made me very resilient and ready for a second chance at happiness. I can learn whatever you have to teach me and, to return the favor, maybe I could teach you a thing or two as well.







3)   My wild and crazy puppy days are over and I’m pretty calm and laid back most of the time. I say most of the time because there are things like walks, rides, treats, and maybe even toys that get me excited and happy. I may be older but there’s a lot I can still enjoy. It’s all about simple pleasures.

4)   On a practical level, I understand that I’m supposed to go outside to do my business, and I know about walking on a leash. No training required.






5)   I may be a little unsure of myself right now because I’m in a shelter, but my sense of who I am is still intact, just ready to emerge again when I feel more secure and less stressed.

6)   If you’re older too maybe we can reverse the clock a bit and grow younger together.

7)   I’m really big on living in the moment and enjoying one day at a time. We could do that together.







8)   One of my very favorite things is being near someone who loves me. I’m a great cuddler and I don’t care what TV show you watch, although I am partial to shows about dogs. I’d just like to be snugged on the couch with you.







9)   I can show you how to meet life’s challenges with grace and optimism.

10)   Adopting me proves that it’s never too late for happiness. Maybe for both of us.






If you’re in western Washington you can find me—and many other senior dogs—on the Old Dog Haven website under Adoptable Dogs. ( If you live in another state please visit your local shelter and ask about senior dogs available for adoption.

I’m somewhere waiting for you.

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