Bogart blogHere are a few tips for dogs on good manners with humans from Bogart, an experienced Old Dog Haven Maltese. (Thanks to Joe Myers for being Bogart’s voice.)

*  The faster you eat the more you show your appreciation of your food.

*  A good belch afterwards shows even more appreciation.

* When walking your block always poop in the one neighbor’s yard that has a property owner watching so they know that they have an appealing smelly lawn.

* Remember to take your human outside regularly. They may not want to go out at 10 pm when it’s 30 degrees but how else are they going to get away from the TV and see the stars?

* Keep your human alert while driving. I like to do this by barking at completely random intervals.

* For all you dogs that are tall enough, you can perform an important service by licking the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. I believe the humans call this a “pre-wash cycle.”

* Humans can be forgetful, so be sure to remind them of the important things in life like mealtimes and walks. I find that barking at the top of my lungs and turning in circles is very effective.

* Remind everyone to take the time to (literally) smell the roses.

* Put your head in your human’s lap and wag your tail at least once a day. Everybody needs to feel loved and appreciated

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