You truly did GiveBIG this year for Old Dog Haven.

You made this year the best yet for the Old Dog Haven’s GiveBIG event.  We don’t have the final numbers of donors and donations for the May 3 & 4 GiveBIG campaign, but we are well above last year’s totals and are so very grateful.

We will let you know the results as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for caring about the old dogs!  Your support makes it possible for Old Dog Haven to provide the care needed by the 300 old dogs in our Final Refuge foster homes.



GiveBIG to Old Dog Haven May 3 &4!  

This is the fourth year Old Dog Haven is participating in the Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG day. It’s a very special day for us because during GiveBIG every dollar of your gift is “stretched” thanks to the Seattle Foundation.

GiveBIG is an online giving event started by the Seattle Foundation to encourage people to support local non-profits. GiveBIG has grown and flourished, a testament to both the Seattle Foundation and everyone who “gives big” that day.

Every year the Seattle Foundation sets a theme for GiveBIG and we love this year’s theme: Let’s do this. Together. Together we can make an IMPACT. Your generous support over the years has made an impact!

Together over 4,500 senior dogs have been helped.

Together over 300 dogs have permanent foster care.  Here’s a video about one of our amazing Final Refuge families:


All money raised during GiveBIG will be used to care for these wonderful senior dogs and help keep the dream alive. This year you can schedule your GiveBIG donation ahead of time on the Old Dog Haven Seattle Foundation GiveBIG page. Just click here:

Only gifts made online on the Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG page will be stretched.

One of our Old Dog Haven foster “parents” put together this short, but sweet slideshow so you can see the impact we are having on hundreds of senior dogs and the families who love them. Just click on the picture below to watch it.


GiveBIG May 3 & 4. Let’s do this. Together.

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