Judith Piper, Executive Director of Old Dog Haven, has asked that I draw your attention to the Morris Animal Foundation because of the ground-breaking work they’re funding to help cure cancer in dogs.

Even though cancer can occur in dogs of any age, it’s more prevalent as a dog gets older. Cancer is also the leading cause of death in senior dogs, and can appear in almost any organ. Judith says, “SO many Old Dog Haven dogs die of cancer; this is really the best way we can help change that. There is so little funding for small animal medical research, and Morris is the leader. Their campaign is the best thing going and this is matching ….”

The Morris Foundation is committed to developing new ways for veterinarians to detect canine cancer earlier, identify better-tolerated and more effective canine cancer treatments, and ultimately find a cure for this devastating disease. The Morris Foundation has funded 974 canine studies and helped 89 million dogs in the United States alone.

During the Morris Animal Foundation’s Unite to Fight Animal Cancer campaign until May 31, the Blue Buffalo Foundation will match any gift, dollar for dollar, up to $75,000. That means that if you make a donation before May 31 your gift will make DOUBLE the impact in the fight against animal cancer.

Please go to http://www.morrisanimalfoundation.org/ to find out more about the Morris Animal Foundation and make a donation to help their efforts.


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