A good samaritan found Slim huddled under a pile of leaves, no doubt trying to keep warm. This kind person brought Slim to the shelter where staff did their best for him, but it was clear that this old guy wasn’t adoptable and had some serious medical issues going on that needed specialized treatment. After the required waiting period had expired and no one claimed Slim, Old Dog Haven was called and now Slim has a forever home with longtime foster Kelly Marlo, her husband Per and son Sam.


Slim meets Kelly

Slim on his first jaunt around the property with his new pack.



When he first came to ODH Slim was emaciated, his skin was yeasty, full of scabs and he was missing hair. Kelly says he was the skinniest dog she’s ever had in all of her years of fostering. (That’s why she named him Slim.)














Now, after several months, Kelly has this to say about Slim:

“After much bathing and antibiotics, he continued to be covered in scabs all over his body and was still itching. We took him in to an allergy specialist and he was diagnosed with Pemphigus, an autoimmune disease. After some trial and error, we have him on the right dose of Prednisone and he has grown all of his hair back and his skin has cleared up. He has gained about nine pounds and looks like a happy, healthy dog. He is still a scavenger and will eat anything, so you have to watch your lunch on the counters. He loves going for walks with us on the property and follows me everywhere.

“Thanks to everyone for saving him and bringing him to us!  He is such a sweet boy.”

Don’t you just love a happy ending?

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