“Hello! My name is Panama and I am looking for an adoptive home. My dream is to find a child free home where I can be the center of your world.  I’m not a diva by any means, I just like an environment that is more zen. This would mean no cats and no other dogs. I might be able to live with a calm, mature dog who is a small dog like me but ideally, I think I’d be most happy without any other animals.

“My person found me 10 years ago as a stray. At that time I was guessed to be about 2 years old which means today, I am about 12 years old. I weigh around 12 pounds. I see and hear well and I behave like a terrier should! This means I DO bark when I hear a noise that surprises me or when I get excited. I love to meet new people. My humans have learned to redirect me with treats when I get too boisterous. If you don’t appreciate a barking dog or have neighbors that won’t appreciate my voice, then I am not the girl for you.

“Since I joined my family, things have changed dramatically. They adopted a dog who is young and bothersome. There are now cats who I like to try to chase and herd. The baby being born was the last straw. I started showing my anxiety about all the changes.  My people tried really hard to find ways to help me but nothing worked. They found a friend to keep me who had no other animals or kids, just to see if my anxiety got better and guess what??? IT DID!! I was sweet, snuggly and happy. I still barked, but I am a terrier! That’s not going to change.

“So I am in search of a home where I can thrive again! Could your home be the one I need?

“I love to go for walks. I do pretty well on leash but can act up if I see another dog. Remember, TERRIER! Bring some treats along and redirect me. I spend the day inside, of course! I don’t get into things when you leave. I found that when people leave the house, if they turn music or the TV on for background noise, I feel better.  I’m good at holding my potty but please, not for long hours! Of course I will probably need some time to settle in once I find my new home. We dogs can usually adapt pretty well; we just need to be shown some kindness and understanding.

“Sharing a bed with my person is really awesome. I like to hang out on the couch, in a fenced yard or join you in your garden. I’m a really good girl who won’t dig up your daisies! I like toys and giving kisses but I especially love belly rubs and cuddles.

“So that’s me, in a nutshell. My people can tell you more about me and perhaps plan a meeting? I’m ready to start the next and happiest chapter of my life!”

Panama is located in Lake Stevens, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.