“My name is Zora and I am pretty girl looking for the rest-of-my-life home. I am only 10 years old so if I’m taken care of properly, I could be around for many years to come. As a “chug”-I believe I have all of the best qualities of 2 great breeds. The chihuahua in me is my body shape, ears and size-I weigh about 12 pounds. The pug is not so obvious except  that my mouth and nose are a little more smooshed than a 100% chihuahua dog would have. I think my eyes are more pug-like too; I have big beautiful brown eyes.

​”​I have never lived with another dog before but I’ve attended doggy daycare in the past and I did just fine. I can get anxious when my humans leave the house so maybe, just maybe, if you have another friendly dog for me to stay with, I could be happier when you leave the house? I know that no human can be home 24/7 and it’s far healthier for a dog to learn to be OK with being left. As much as I’d LOVE my person around all of the time, it’s just not practical. Do you have a friendly dog my size that could help me learn the ropes at staying home with just each other for company? I bark when my humans leave the house or when I hear strange noises but aside from that I have not been much of a barker.

​”​I can’t say for sure how I would do with a cat though I lived with a kitten for a short time. I get anxious around kids so I’d rather not live with the young ones. Maybe kids who are quieter and more predictable in their actions would be OK? I will need time to settle in, learn a new routine and hope there’s not a lot of coming/going in my new home. I have lived with the same people pretty much all of my life and while they hate to part with me, it has to be.

​”​I can manage a few hours between potty breaks. As a younger senior, I am still able to do stairs and my people will tell you I show no signs of arthritis. I LOVE long walks and short hikes. Well as far as my little legs can carry me, anyway. But do keep me leashed for my safety please! I am good on leash so we can get out and GO!

​”​I have so much to offer in the way of love and companionship! I am a cuddly, lapdog who hopes to find another person or couple that can appreciate and care for me in the way that I have been cared for all of my life. I need to find an adoptive home soon so if you are looking for a forever friend, will you consider me?”

Zora is located in Rochester, WA. For contact information please email: referrals@olddoghaven.org

This is a courtesy post. Zora is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.