Look at this beautiful snow white gentleman! This is Squishy Tank, and although he is a boxer/pittie mix, the shelter staff does suspect that he might be part unicorn too, because he is so majestic. Squishy Tank is approximately 8 years old, which means that he is the best of both worlds – he knows the joys of relaxing, snuggling, and taking it easy, but he is also young enough to enjoy walks with his person, and having a bit of fun too. And just take a look at that face! It really is the kind you just want to squish and smoosh. Squishy walks well on his leash, and has an extremely wise and gentle soul. He recently had to have his tail amputated for medical reasons, but he is healing well and his now-stubby little nub of a tail makes him even cuter than ever! Squishy truly loves his people, and that shows clearly. Are you that special person who has enough room in your heart for all of the love he has to give? If so, ask how you can take him home today, and make all of his dreams come true!

Squishy Tank is posted for the Kitsap Humane Society.

THIS IS NOT AN ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.