Single Mature Male Seeks Empty Spot On Couch:

”Hi, my name is Greggor and I am a gentle soul who loves everyone.

“My favorite place to be is a doggy bed or a warm spot on the couch where I can curl up and take long naps. Don’t let that fool you because I also like getting out in the fresh Washington air. I have been with my foster home for a while patiently waiting for my forever home who still has not come for me. All I need is a family filled with love and warm place for naps.

“They say I am 12-14, but most days I feel younger than my biological age. They say I am a Boxer/Mastiff/GSD Mix, I’m not sure what that means other than I really love my people and older children and more laid back other dog companions. I had a very rough life before I was rescued and really prefer not to share my food with other four legged friends as this worries me that I may not have food again, I also am told I have very select hearing, “truth-be-told” I just don’t hear very well but that’s okay with me. I enjoy leisurely walks and prefer not to be left all alone or in a crate or kennel. Another dog friend would be really terrific if that could be found for me to help me be less worried that my humans won’t come back for me like in my previous life.

“I’m being fostered on an amazing local island named Kingston, WA. where I see horses, sheep, dogs, chickens, and other farm life all day long and I really enjoy being a dog!

Please, if you want to help me find that home share this post… Check me out at!”

Greggor is posted for Charlie’s Foundation.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.