Albert was a “stray” found and taken to a shelter where he sat for well over a month. He was not neutered, had rotting teeth in his mouth and raw skin on sensitive parts of his body. He came to his foster home shy, unsure of what his place was in a pack of many dogs. His teeth were taken care of and he was neutered. He came out of his shell with the help of a little black female Pug in the family; he loved grooming her and chasing her around as best as he could. When he wasn’t with Abbey, Albert had a favorite bed and blanket you could find him burrowed in or on a sunny day you’d find him basking in the sun on the deck. Albert never got over “marking his territory” in spite of being neutered so he had an array of stylish belly bands. He was a very old guy and when his health and mind started to deteriorate the decision was made to set his spirit free before he got any worse. His foster family will always remember him with a chuckle and a smile. Albert was quite the character and he is missed.