Lovely Aldo came into Old Dog Haven care after a one-month stay in a shelter. When he was found as a stray, he was obese (over 70lbs), he had very large mats across his chest and neck, and extremely long nails which caused pain whenever he walked.  In addition to such long term neglect, Aldo had several health issues that needed addressing, so ODH was asked for help.  Lucky Aldo then joined his Final Refuge family–a happy home of fur–and began to get the vet care he needed.

The cause of recent significant weight loss, muscle wasting on his head and sides, and stiffness in his joints needed to be determined so he was sent to a specialist after his initial vetting. This specialist veterinary care was made possible by your support of ODH, and enabled his care team to discover that this wonderful pup had nodules on his spleen and liver indicating probable cancer.

In spite of this diagnosis, sweet Aldo is doing really well in his forever home. His weight has now stabilized and the stress he suffered during his shelter stay is gone. His forever people tell us, “Aldo quickly fit in with our two shelter dogs and our ODH Final Refuge dogs Satchel and Boo! He plays with his stuffies, loves his evening comb-out, dances for walks, chases frisbees, and he’s just a hairy ‘rug’ anywhere around the house….and he smiles!”

His people knew that Aldo was a possible hospice dog from the beginning and they are prepared to take this journey with him. They tell us, “It is a wonderful component of Old Dog Haven not only saving lives of senior dogs but also knowing that quality of life is a premium when the not so great things happen. So thank you ODH donors for giving this fabulous guy a lovely interlude of life. We are so lucky.”

Update:  “After nine wonderful loving months with our sweet smiling boy, Aldo was recently diagnosed with an aggressive secondary cancer which made it difficult for him to continue being his true self.
In remembrance of Aldo and every dog no longer here, take a moment and wag your tail for the love of our dogs.”

Dear Aldo’s last day with his wonderful family – enjoying a sunbeam

Always smiling