Toby came into Old Dog Haven care after being passed around to a few different homes before landing up at a shelter.  When he arrived in his ODH Final Refuge home, he was in bad shape and almost completely hairless.  He had mange, skin and ear infections but still maintained his happy and gentle spirit, despite being very uncomfortable.  After a great deal of effort and visits with vet and specialists, Toby is a different dog today. Proper medications and medicated baths keep him itch-free, and all the good loving keeps his spirits high!

Toby now enjoys his retirement and keeps very busy for an old dog.   He loves his best friend, a black Labrador named Wilson and they love to wrestle and chase rabbits and eat blackberries and apples from the orchard.  He loves to spend the rest of the day napping in his favorite chair. Toby must have some hound dog in him because his sense of smell is incredible–he can smell a cookie in a pocket from a mile away and will eat the pockets out of any coat that might have a cookie in it.  He has even been known to swipe a sandwich or snack off the counter but overall he is a very sweet and obedient gentle giant.  He follows his forever family upstairs every night and sleeps on the bed while they read stories and get ready for bed.

Thanks to your support of ODH, dogs like Toby get to thrive in their golden years and be very, very loved.

Updates:  After a wonderfully long time (almost 6 years), it was finally time to say goodbye to dear Toby.  He had such a loving family and a last chapter where he was cherished and a  beloved family member.

Toby – week one

Toby – relaxing