Allyson Felix (Ally)

Ally is an older Maltese that was used as a puppy mill mama. When she no longer served a purpose, she was passed to 3 other owners and the last didn’t want to pay for her increasing medical needs.  ​Finally she was dumped at a shelter. She is unspayed, has mammary tumors, terrible skin and rotting teeth.

ODH is taking care of her many medical needs, while her foster mom is helping her with a new life, filled with love. She is such an outgoing, happy dog, who never meets anyone she doesn’t like. Her tail rarely stops wagging, and she faces all new situations, people, dogs and cats with joyous abandon. Even her new Chihuahua foster sister, who tries very hard to dislike her, is slowly succumbing to her charm.  And just like Allyson Felix, the inspiring Olympian she is named for, age and adversity do not slow her down. She is a champion!

Update:  Sadly her final refuge mom had to say goodbye to sweet Ally due to increasing dementia.  It was time, but this tiny girl will be greatly missed.  Thanks to Old Dog Haven supporters and her loving home, Ally had a wonderful last chapter.