This little cattle dog is living proof that despite years of misfortune, broken-down old dogs given love and compassionate care can begin new, wholehearted lives.

Annie had always been a farm dog. Over the course of her hard-working life, she had many animals to manage and many litters of pups.  At some point, Annie was kicked by a cow and broke her right back leg, which didn’t heal well and left her with a significant limp.  Then her farmer owners died and she and her remaining pup were left alone with only occasional feedings from the extended human family. Annie and her pup spent many cold days and nights alone and hungry. A family member finally took her pup, but as Annie was old and arthritic Old Dog Haven was asked to help.

Annie’s new life began in February with an experienced ODH foster family. Her new mom recounts that early on she had a lot of separation anxiety–‘wake the dead’ howling sessions occurred at all hours of the day and night.  Eventually though, with patience and reassurance, she decided that “the old man of the house” was a good companion…and a she has kept her eye on him ever since! Annie also stopped howling, though sometimes she has an especially intense dream.

Annie had a couple of emergency room visits, the first due to gastroenteritis. At the second ER visit Annie had developed a twisted stomach (gastric dilation volvulus/GDV or gastric torsion/bloat). This is the “Queen Mother” of veterinary emergencies and the Maranda Fund was used so Annie could have the life-saving surgery she urgently needed.

After surgery for her gastric torsion (and a long overdue spaying) she has finally become much more comfortable. Annie’s family manages her arthritis with medication and her stomach issues with a bland diet. Now that she’s comfortable she’s enjoying her well-deserved retirement!

Now the Good Life for Annie means treats and belly rubs.  Annoying Things are medicines (she’s a champion at spitting out pills!) and anyone thinking they might want to ‘borrow’ her food.  But Annie does well with the resident dog and she doesn’t care at all about the cats…what a good dog!

Thanks to ODH and its supporters, Annie has her favorite bed, her favorite person, and now she’s in her favorite place—as an indoor dog surrounded by lots and lots of love.

Update:  Annie Girl has slowed down a lot but that doesn’t get her down. She still loves her food and her humans.

Final Update:  After a wonderful time with her family, they had to say goodbye to Annie Girl when her health failed her.  She was a very special dog and was able to enjoy being treasured and cared for.  Annie will be greatly missed.