Little Angie landed in a shelter after being found wandering, her microchip said she’d been adopted from another shelter 6 years prior.  This little ball of fluff (pom/papillon perhaps) was emaciated and had a big heart murmur.  While ODH tried to find her a suitable foster home, she started to cough and have bladder problems so we arranged for her to see our vet.      Our doctor found that she was in congestive failure (with a bladder infection) and started her on aggressive treatment – and we took her home.

She saw a cardiologist who had little more to offer, and we did our very best to keep her comfortable.    The cough improved but she couldn’t keep food down and lost even more weight.   Angie’s attitude remained incredibly sweet and perky, she snuggled whenever picked up and laid at our feet the rest of the time.     We couldn’t let her suffer any longer but took some comfort in knowing that she had two weeks surrounded by love and by people who really WANTED her. Sometimes that’s all we can do for these dogs – it breaks our hearts.  Rest in peace, beautiful girl.