Gladys came to us in 2014, passed from one shelter to another, with a suspicious heart rhythm and a VERY confident, assertive schnauzer personality.     We recognized the problem immediately – her heart rate was about 1/3 of normal with “irregular arrhythmias”.

The cardiologist diagnosed Sick Sinus Syndrome (common in this breed) and recommended a pacemaker.   Amazed that this was possible for a little dog, we agreed that a 9-year-old healthy girl deserved a chance for a life without fainting episodes that might kill her. Already a spitfire, Gladys didn’t really need more energy and she became too well known at the specialty center for barking obnoxiously at every dog in the waiting room.      The pacemaker did its job very well; she lived another 4 years before other issues took over.

We loved her a great deal –   our thanks to Dr. Bryan Bottorff and the Maranda Fund’s donors for giving us these 4 years with her!