Pretty little Annie is a Pomeranian probably mixed with Schipperke or maybe Chihuahua. She’s about 12 years old and 14 pounds, and a great companion. Annie LOVES to walk, it’s her favorite thing; she’s energetic and very well mannered. She likes her squeaky toys too. She’s been on a long road trip (OK but not her favorite thing) and on a camping vacation (fun time) and met lots of new people quite successfully. When Annie came from the shelter she was stressed, anxious and fearful, adversarial with the other dogs and with people. With time and clear boundaries she learned that life was going to be good again – now she’s friendly and curious with dogs and people she meets and gets along just fine with all in her home. Annie is used to being alone with the other dogs during the workday and doesn’t show anxiety about being left in the house. She is now a happy part of her new family.

Update:  Annie’s five years in her ODH home ended with a sudden illness and collapse; she had been a challenge in many ways but a loyal friend who worked her way into her family’s hearts. She will be remembered with love.