Sweet Archie was part of a large group of dogs rescued from a bad situation out of state and transported to the Seattle area to be adopted. Once he arrived, it was clear that Archie would be difficult to adopt out due to a number of pressing health issues. The shelter contacted Old Dog Haven for help and ODH quickly found him a Final Refuge forever home with an experienced ODH foster mom. Like so many of the seniors who come in to ODH care, Archie arrived with horrible teeth, terrible skin and an advanced ear infection. Worst of all, he had three large pieces of rubber-backed carpet stuck in his digestive tract. He was sent to an internal medicine veterinarian who performed an emergency endoscopy to remove the objects. No one knows how he ingested them or when, but this brave little fellow recovered quickly from all of his issues and has now just been learning how to be a dog. All thanks to Old Dog Haven!

Archie’s right front paw is deformed but he absolutely does not let that slow him down. He loves his daily two-mile walk and loudly announces his location for all to hear–he is such a happy fellow! The neighbors all know him by name and come to visit him. Car rides are his favorite thing, especially if a Puppuccino is part of the plan. Every morning, Archie greets his family by licking everyone’s face. He loves to survey his kingdom from the back of the couch, where he can see several doors and the backyard–no delivery person escapes his notice.

Now that Archie is safe and finally home, he does not seem to know that he is an old dog: He often runs in crazy circles and throws toys around while jumping on and off of furniture because there’s just so much to do when you feel good! Archie was afraid of men at first, but is warming up as he discovers that anyone with a treat or food is his newest best friend. Thanks to ODH supporters for helping Archie to become the happy, happy boy he was meant to be!

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